Im- and Export for Car parts: Range


  • Starter and Alternator
  • Brake caliper
  • Injector
  • Injection Pump
  • Transmission
  • Glowplug
  • High Injection pump
  • AC Compressor
  • Lambdasonde
  • Engine
  • Pump Injector
  • Wheel bearing
  • Wheel hub
  • Sensors
  • Power steering
  • Power steering pump
  • Turbocharger
  • Converter
  • Spark plug

Wheel bearing

The range of rudi Import / Export GmbH covers spare parts of all brands, manufacturers and suppliers. We are working on warehouse stock from the automotive industry (OEM quality in original equipment quality). The focus of our range is in the area of ​​engine components, such as injectors nozzles, airflow meter or drive trains. Depending on the attractiveness, we also buy and sell other automotive parts such as batteries or hydraulic pumps.

Below you will find the conditions and advantages of rudi Import / Export GmbH using the example of a wheel bearing.

  • From manufacturer skf in German production
  • German direct export without detours
  • 500,000 pieces already Worldwide Exported


Item Number of pieces Delivery period
Original Nissan
350Z wheel bearing
at the best price
of 119, - €
per piece. *

-10 5 days from order
50 to 100 10 days from order
+100 17 days from order

Block pricing cheaper on request.